I adopt a 'learn in public' approach to blogging.

Whenever I learn something new, I try to capture it in a blog article.

This is just a snap-shot of my most recent articles. You can see all of them at my blog site

Bot Framework v4 with Luis

30 Aug 2018

The Cognitive Services Language Understanding Intelligence Services (Luis) should be no stranger to bot developers, it enables the all-important natural language processing which means users can converse with your bot in the way they would with another human; by using natural language. With Bot Framework V3 (BFv3), there is a well prescribed pattern for using...

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Bot Framework V4: What I learnt in 4 days in July 2018

17 Jul 2018

I was recently involved in a short, 4-day customer hack based on Microsoft Bot Framework V4 (C# SDK), Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS, part of Cognitive Services). It was a frustrating yet insightful 4 days and have some observations which might be helpful to anyone else who is thinking about Bot...

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Bot Framework triage between Luis and QnA Maker

04 Jun 2018

I've been involved in several bot projects recently where a common pattern has emerged so I decided to produce a sample and blog about it here. The sample is on GitHub as a C# Azure Bot Service bot: I worked with Toby Bradshaw on this and he did most the clever stuff so kudos...

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AI Services Workshop – Get Setup

28 Feb 2018

If you are attending our AI Services Workshop, you'll need to get a few bits of software on your laptop in order to take part in the labs. You've probably got most of this stuff already but worth double checking. You will need: Visual Studio Code from GitHub Desktop from (or some other GitHub client)...

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Hack24 – The Microsoft ‘AI for good’ Challenge

05 Feb 2018

On behalf of Microsoft UK, I'm very pleased to announce that we are proudly sponsoring the Hack24 hackathon in Nottingham on 10/11 March 2018. You can read more about our involvement in Hack24's sponsorship announcement. Technical communities are very important to Microsoft, and Tech Nottingham and Hack24 are one of the country’s best so we...

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Web Hack Wednesday Series 3

12 Dec 2017

I'm very happy to announce that after quite a break, series 3 of Web Hack Wednesday will be launching on Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 12:00 mid-day (UK time). This series will be published on YouTube where you can also find our full archive of older episodes too. We have 6 brand new episodes for...

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AI Services at Future Decoded 2017

16 Oct 2017

The nights are drawing in, you've purchased your 'big coat' for the winter and Christmas adverts have started already.... it must be time for Future Decoded again! Future Decoded is Microsoft's annual UK conference which describes itself as "A vision of the modern digital business for today and tomorrow". This year, the conference is held...

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Looking forward to Hackference 2017

16 Oct 2017

I'm very proud to announce that for the third consecutive year, Microsoft are sponsoring Hackference 2017. What is Hackference? Hackference is an annual developer conference/hackathon event held in central Birmingham organized by Hoopy and the wonderful Mike Elsmore. It is always a fantastic event; the speaker line-up looks amazing this year and i'm sure there...

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Using the Cognitive Recommendations API in Bots and Websites

06 Mar 2017

Anyone that has ever shopped on Amazon or listened to music on Spotify will be familiar with the concept of recommendations where the user is offered recommendations of items based on browsing history, purchase history and other indicators of how the user has interacted with a product, artist etc. Recommendations often take one of these...

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Dear Meetup Organisers

09 Nov 2016

One of the best parts of my job as a technical evangelist at Microsoft is to get out into the local community and get involved in tech meetups, conferences and other local events. I try to get to as many events as I can as a member, but I'm also happy to come and do...

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