Introducing HowHappy

This week was the annual International Day of Happiness; so i built a website ot see hwo happy you are based on your face using the Cognitive Services Emotion API

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Tuesday 22 Mar 2016

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This week was the annual International Day of Happiness; I never knew we had a specific day to be really happy but it turns out that we do.

This inspired me to finish a pet project I've been working on recently which uses the Azure Machine Learning Project Oxford Emotion API (which I have blogged about before) to take a photo containing up to 64 human faces and order them by happiness.

It is really fun to use when talking to groups of people as I did at one of my recent events.

The website is available for anyone to use at

Some happy people at a recent MS Web Day event

How does it work?

The website builds on the simple emotion API example I published on GitHub a few weeks ago.

It is written in ASP.NET Core 1.0 with a bit of JQuery and Bootstrap.

You basically upload a photo and get a JSON response from the API. I then sort the results by the happiness score and use some JQuery and Bootstrap magic to plot the scores on the original picture.

You can see my source code here:

What's next?

This project is certainly not finished. Here are some of the things I want to do next:


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