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08 Jan 2020

#GitHub #Azure Functions #Azure Logic Apps #Serverless #Content Management

All the articles on Martink.Me are authored on GitHub. I use GitHub API, Webhooks, Azure Functions and an Azure Logic App to get them to end up on my website. I've basically created a Content Management System on GitHub. In this article I'll go through how the system is setup and how you can build your own version.

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03 Jan 2020

#Cognitive Services #Localisation #Logic Apps #Azure Functions #Serverless #Bots #QnAMaker

QnAMaker is great unless you need to support multiple languages where there is no built-in solution. In this article, I'll explain how I've implemented localized QnAMaker from a single model with Logic Apps, the Translator Text API and an Azure Function.

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09 Sep 2019

#Cognitive Services #Document Recognition #OCR

The new Cognitive Services Forms Recognizer API has a pre-built receipt recognition model. I investigated it for a customer and this is what I found out in terms of how it works, what works well, what is not so good.

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29 Aug 2019

#Logic Apps #Microsoft Graph #Azure Active Directory #Office 365 #Serverless

The Microsoft Graph is the way you programmatically access data stored in Azure Active Directory, Office 365 and a bunch of other Microsoft cloud services. Accessing the data in a Logic App is a very powerful way to use this rich API with no code. This article tells you how.

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22 Jul 2019

#Bots #Multilingual

If you have a multi-lingual audience for a bot, then it is important that your bot detects and adapts to the language the user is speaking. Here is how with the Bot Fraemwork 4 and .net

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18 Jul 2019

#Translation #Luis #Bots #Multilingual

Luis is great but it does not support every langauge. When your language is not in the supported languages list, you can use the Cognitive Text Translator service and a logic app to work around the problem in an elegant way. This article tells you how.

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18 Jul 2019

#Bots #Luis

The Bot Framework DateTimePrompt prompts the user for a valid date but it only supports a few languages. This article will go through how to acheive the same result using a TextPrompt with Luis for languages which are not supported.

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11 Apr 2019

#Bot Framework #Bots #Visual Studio

There is no official template for starting a Bot Framework V4.3 project. So colleagues and I created one. This articles outlines what it does and how to use it.

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04 Feb 2019

#Productivity #Visual Studio

Mob programming is like 'pair programming' but with a mob rather than just two folks. I did this recently at a hack and it was great. Here are some tips based on what i learnt

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29 Nov 2018

#Productivity #Home Working

I've been working at home for over a decade. It takes practice, discipline and investment. These are some tips and recommendations I can offer from what works and does not work for me

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