Building a blog CMS with Github and Azure Serverless

All the articles on Martink.Me are authored on GitHub. I use GitHub API, Webhooks, Azure Functions and an Azure Logic App to get them to end up on my website. I've basically created a Content Management System on GitHub. In this article I'll go through how the system is setup and how you can build your own version.

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Wednesday 08 Jan 2020

This article was written on GitHub. You can raise issues, create pull requests or even fork the content... its open source

I started writing this article in January 2019; ever since then, my blog ( has been running on a content management system I designed myself using GitHub and Azure Serverless (Logic Apps, Functions).

I've been meaning to write about how the systems was built ever since then, but never got around to it .... until now when a colleague asked about cheap/free blog platforms.

There are many blogging platforms avaliable whch provide varying levels of CMS capability. However, I never quite managed to find one which suited my needs which are:

The basic premise of my system is that I write articles on GitHub in Markdown. You can can see the raw content at I use all the features of Git to manage the production of my content from both myself and anyone else who cares to contribute (commits, branhing, pull requests etc).

Every artcle has a YAML front-matter section at the start which describes the metadata for the article (Title, Description, Tags, Publication date, Images, Status etc). YAML is an easy way to author metadta which can be easily extracted later on in the process

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