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12 Dec 2017

Shows Web

After a break, series 3 of Web Hack Wednesday will be launching on Wednesday 13th December 2017

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06 Mar 2017

Cognitive Services Recommendations Bots

Anyone that has ever shopped on Amazon or listened to music on Spotify will be familiar with the concept of recommendations where the user is offered recommendations of items based on browsing history, purchase history and other indicators of how the user has interacted with a product, artist etc

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07 May 2016 Stack Overflow

I recently had the need to use the Stack Overflow API in a web project and it took me a while so I thought I'd capture what I learnt.

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27 Apr 2016 Tag Helpers

ASP.Net core has many new features but one of the ones which I'm particularly excited about is the introduction of Tag Helpers. This is simply because it makes my life easier as a developer and makes my code prettier to look at

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22 Mar 2016

Cognitive Services Emotion API

This week was the annual International Day of Happiness; so i built a website ot see hwo happy you are based on your face using the Cognitive Services Emotion API

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09 Oct 2015

Azure App Service

How to use app settings in Azure web apps

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25 Mar 2015 Web API

How to secure and securely calling Web API with .net Authorize header

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