Hack24 2018 The Microsoft AI For Good Challenge

Monday, 05 February 2018

A preview of the AI Sercvices track at Future Decoded 2017.


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On behalf of Microsoft UK, I'm very pleased to announce that we are proudly sponsoring the Hack24 hackathon in Nottingham on 10/11 March 2018. You can read more about our involvement in Hack24's sponsorship announcement.

Technical communities are very important to Microsoft, and Tech Nottingham and Hack24 are one of the country’s best so we are delighted to be involved.

Microsoft is a 'challenge sponsor' which means we get to set a challenge for the hack and give away prizes for the best team. This article will give you all the detail of our challenge.

The Microsoft 'AI for good' challenge

At Microsoft we care about technology but we also care about how technology can be used for good which is why at Hack24, we challenge you to use your time to create something good.

We're looking for something that will make lives better, helps the environment, helps people with disabilities, addresses social issues, helps people in a crisis or disaster event; basically anything that you could label as 'technology for good'. We're keeping this part of the challenge very broad and we're excited to see what you build. If you are looking for inspiration, check this insightful article 'The moment that forever changed our lives' from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

In terms of technology, we'd like hackers to use Microsoft Cognitive Services and/or the Microsoft Azure Bot Service. These technologies are both exciting components to Microsoft's overall AI platform and open the door to AI for the masses.

The specific judging criteria is as follows:

We'll be holding a brief session on the Saturday to help people get up to speed with these technologies and we'll have experts (Martin Kearn and Frances Tibble) at the hack to help all weekend.

Win an Xbox One

The winning team will receive an Xbox One S Rocket League Blast-Off Bundle for each team member.

Teams are restricted to a maximum of 4 members as per the Hack24 terms.

You must agree to the Term and Conditions if you wish to enter the Microsoft challenge and be eligible for the prize. These terms and condition are also available on request at the event.

How to get involved

Hack24 is a ticketed event and tickets are available on 2nd February 2018.

Go to https://www.hack24.co.uk/enter to get the details and subscribe to the newsletter.

On behalf of myself and the Microsoft team, we look forward to seeing you there and seeing what you build.

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