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10 Sep 2021

#Blazor #Azure Functions #Pulumi #IaC

Pulumi is an Infrastructure-as-code platform that facilitates deployment of cloud resource and application using standard coding languages such as c# or TypeScript. I used Pulumi to deploy a .net 6 Blazor app and Azure Function to Azure App Service; this is what I learnt.

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01 Apr 2021

#Logic Apps #Serverless

There is a new version of Azure Logic App in preview. I spent a few days playing around with it in April 2021 to see what was new. This article summarises what I learnt and the highlights from my perspective. This is a point-in-time introduction to a preview technology.

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08 Mar 2021

#Durable Functions #Azure Functions #Cognitive Search #Logic Apps #Cognitive Services #Serverless

There are many scenarios where and AI-based enrichment pipline is applicable; anywhere when you need to enrich data with insight from AI services. Azure offers three main ways to do this, Logic Apps, Cognitive Search and Durable Functions. This articles compares and contrasts these platforms to help you decide which one suits your requirements

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01 Mar 2021

#Pester #Testing #PowerShell #Logic Apps

This articles talks through a sample script for integration testing Azure Logic Apps with Pester and PowerShell

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18 Feb 2021

#Pester #Testing #PowerShell

Pester is a PowerShell based test framework which makes it very simple to write integration tests. This article gives and overview and some usefull resources.

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11 Dec 2020


On 12th December 20202 I celebrate 15 years working at Microsoft. This article contains a short reflection, some interesting facts and some predictions that I hope to look back on at my 20 year celebratory blog post.

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10 Jul 2020

#Blazor #Realtime #SignalR

Blazor can subscribe to events in a .net service and refresh the UI in real-time ... without JavaScript or SignalR. This article covers how from both a .net service and Blazor app perspective. This is the future of the web.

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09 Jul 2020

#Blazor #Forms

Imagine you need to ensure at least one checkbox is checked from a group of checkboxes. It does not matter which one, but it must be one of them. This is how to do it in Blazor.

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07 Jul 2020

#Blazor #ClamAV #nClam

Uploading a file is a very popular thing to do on the web, but what if it has a virus on it? How do you tell!? Here is how to do it using popular packages for Blazor, including a virus scan with ClamAV.

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03 Jan 2020

#Cognitive Services #Localisation #Logic Apps #Azure Functions #Serverless #Bots #QnAMaker

QnAMaker is great unless you need to support multiple languages where there is no built-in solution. In this article, I'll explain how I've implemented localized QnAMaker from a single model with Logic Apps, the Translator Text API and an Azure Function.

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