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10 Sep 2021


Pulumi is an Infrastructure-as-code platform that facilitates deployment of cloud resource and application using standard coding languages such as c# or TypeScript. I used Pulumi to deploy a .net 6 Blazor app and Azure Function to Azure App Service; this is what I learnt.

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10 Jul 2020


Blazor can subscribe to events in a .net service and refresh the UI in real-time ... without JavaScript or SignalR. This article covers how from both a .net service and Blazor app perspective. This is the future of the web.

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09 Jul 2020


Imagine you need to ensure at least one checkbox is checked from a group of checkboxes. It does not matter which one, but it must be one of them. This is how to do it in Blazor.

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07 Jul 2020


Uploading a file is a very popular thing to do on the web, but what if it has a virus on it? How do you tell!? Here is how to do it using popular packages for Blazor, including a virus scan with ClamAV.

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