The web track at Future Decoded 2015

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A preview of the web track at Future Decoded 2015


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It is Tuesday 10th November 2015 and Microsoft's premier UK event has started. Future Decoded is a two day event which attracts around 10,000 of the brightest business decision makers, developers, IT pros and partners from across the UK to the Excel centre in London.

Day 1 (today) is the business day and day 2 (tomorrow) is the technical day. The technical day has a fantastic range of keynote speakers in the morning including the likes of Scott Guthrie, Professor Brian Cox and DJ Yoda! This will all be expertly introduced by my boss Andrew Spooner.

The afternoon of the technical day is split into various tracks which focus on a specific technology areas. I've had the pleasure of organising the 'web' track and wanted to share a little about what we have lined up.

The web track will run from the biggest room available (the ‘Capital Suite 7’ room on level 3) and we have space for over 400 people. The reason for this is because we have some truly world class speakers lined up with 92k twitter followers between them.

Jon Galloway will start the track off with "What’s new in ASP.NET 5". Jon has worked very closely with the ASP.NET product team during the entire ASP.NET 5 timeframe (and before it) and is the perfect person to give you the end-to-end overview of what we have coming in this exciting new platform. It should not matter if you already know a bit about ASP.NET 5, or you are new to it or new to ASP.NET as a whole, Jon will explain everything from basics to brand new bits.

Next up Chris Heilmann will deliver a talk called "Innovation vs. Impatience". Chris has been around the web for ages and worked on a lot of different big products of the web like Yahoo or the Firefox browser. Today he will talk about the current changes in web technologies and the opportunity Microsoft Edge presents to clean up the mess we created over the years. This should be an exciting, entertaining and informative talk about the web, JavaScript, browsers and everything in between.

To close the web tack, we have Steve Sanderson who has worked on various projects at Microsoft including KnockoutJS, the Azure Portal and more recently ASP.NET 5. Steve will talk about "Tomorrow's World of Web Development" which will be a fascinating insight into the web technologies of the future and how today's technology might evolve. I've seen a version of this talk before and it is fascinating, highly entertaining and inspiring.

The web track promises to a great afternoon of varied content from three superb speakers. If you are at Future Decoded, I invite you come along to the ‘Capital Suite 7’ room on level 3, settle in for the afternoon and prepare to leave feeling excited and inspired.

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