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29 Aug 2019

#Logic Apps #Microsoft Graph #Azure Active Directory #Office 365 #Serverless

The Microsoft Graph is the way you programmatically access data stored in Azure Active Directory, Office 365 and a bunch of other Microsoft cloud services. Accessing the data in a Logic App is a very powerful way to use this rich API with no code. This article tells you how.

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11 Apr 2019

#Bot Framework #Bots #Visual Studio

There is no official template for starting a Bot Framework V4.3 project. So colleagues and I created one. This articles outlines what it does and how to use it.

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04 Feb 2019

#Productivity #Visual Studio

Mob programming is like 'pair programming' but with a mob rather than just two folks. I did this recently at a hack and it was great. Here are some tips based on what i learnt

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29 Nov 2018

#Productivity #Home Working

I've been working at home for over a decade. It takes practice, discipline and investment. These are some tips and recommendations I can offer from what works and does not work for me

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28 Nov 2018

#Personal #GitHub #Writing #Productivity

I've had a blog on ever since I started at Microsoft in 2005 and I've just recently migrated to my own website for lots of reasons. This article explains why.

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07 Nov 2018

#Webhooks #Azure Functions #Serverless

WebHooks are an interesting way to approach building a serverless application. learn how I used the GitHub webhooks API with Azure Functions to build this blog

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04 Oct 2018


The way you access external services has changed in Bot Framework V4. We now use .BOT files. This article explains all about it

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27 Sep 2018


How to securely manage secrets in Bot Framework V4 projects using the all new .BOT file

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30 Aug 2018

#Bots #Cognitive Services #Luis

The way you access Luis has changed in Bot Framework V4. Here are some tips based on what I learnt with the preview version in July 2018

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17 Jul 2018


Bot Framework V4 is on its way and I got the chance to use the preview version. This article is intended as a point-in-time brain dump based on my limited exposure of the new framework and probably only has a shelf life of a few months, but if you are considering a BFv4 bot now, this could be useful

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