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07 May 2016 #Stack Overflow

I recently had the need to use the Stack Overflow API in a web project and it took me a while so I thought I'd capture what I learnt.

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07 May 2016

#Cognitive Services #Emotion API

One of the more interesting Cognitive APIs is the Emotion API which can analyse the emotions shown on a photo. I was very excited about this API when I first heard about it. I know this because I uploaded a selfie to it and it told me I was excited. So I thought I'd set to work on a little sample which shows how to use the Emotion API in my two favourite languages C# and JavaScript

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06 May 2016

#Cognitive Services #Computer Vision #Azure Functions

Learn how to use the smart image re-sizing feature of the Cognitive Services Computer Vision API inside an Azure Function

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03 May 2016

#Cognitive Services #Computer Vision

Thumbnail generation is definitely not a new idea, but the clever bit is that not only can the API resize an image to your required height and width but it has a flag called 'Smart Crop' which identifies the 'region of interest' in the image and automatically centers the crop around that so you don't end up accidentally cutting people faces off!

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27 Apr 2016 #Tag Helpers

ASP.Net core has many new features but one of the ones which I'm particularly excited about is the introduction of Tag Helpers. This is simply because it makes my life easier as a developer and makes my code prettier to look at

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22 Mar 2016

#Cognitive Services #Emotion API

This week was the annual International Day of Happiness; so i built a website ot see hwo happy you are based on your face using the Cognitive Services Emotion API

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01 Mar 2016

#Cognitive Services #Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of those tech areas which has always seemed just slightly out of reach for me. In this article, I'll demystify machine learning and explain how acessible it is for regular developers

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03 Feb 2016

#Office #Apps

Office is now available as an 'app' on all sorts of different devices including iOS, Android, Windows, MAC, Web Browsers and of course the classic Windows desktop

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14 Jan 2016

#Apps #Windows UWP #ManifoldJS

The term ‘hybrid app’ is a fairly loaded term these days; it means different things to different people. For me, it means a mobile app that in some way uses a combination of native and web technologies.

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08 Dec 2015


I am incredibly proud that on 12th December 2015, I'll have completed my first ten years working for Microsoft.

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