Web Hack Wednesday Series 3

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

After a break, series 3 of Web Hack Wednesday will be launching on Wednesday 13th December 2017


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I'm very happy to announce that after quite a break, series 3 of Web Hack Wednesday will be launching on Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 12:00 mid-day (UK time).

This series will be published on YouTube where you can also find our full archive of older episodes too.

We have 6 brand new episodes for you which cover the following exciting topics:

  • How GigSeekr have used advanced LUIS techniques in their bot (will be released at 12:00 on Wednesday 13th December)
  • Tips and Tricks for Visual Studio Code
  • How JD Sports used the Cortana Intelligence Recommendation solution
  • A look at the new CSS grid specification
  • What is new in Visual Studio 2017 for web developers
  • A look a the new WebP image specification

Each episode will be published at 12:00 mid-day for the next 6 weeks.

For this series we have released show notes and samples on GitHub so you can try out what we've covered in each episode yourself.

Those of you who follow the show may also know that my wing-man Martin Beeby has since left Microsoft and started a position working for Oracle.

Series 3 was all recorded before Martin's departure and is being released with his consent.

Going forward I'm panning to do a new show following the same idea as Web Hack Wednesday with some other colleagues.

I'll generally tweet announcements about the videos and associated show notes each Wednesday so watch @MartinKearn and #WebHackWednesday for updates.

I hope you enjoy the series, please let me know about any feedback, topics you'd like to see covered or general comments via Twitter.

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