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07 May 2016


One of the more interesting Cognitive APIs is the Emotion API which can analyse the emotions shown on a photo. I was very excited about this API when I first heard about it. I know this because I uploaded a selfie to it and it told me I was excited. So I thought I'd set to work on a little sample which shows how to use the Emotion API in my two favourite languages C# and JavaScript

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22 Mar 2016


This week was the annual International Day of Happiness; so i built a website ot see hwo happy you are based on your face using the Cognitive Services Emotion API

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25 Mar 2015


How to secure and securely calling Web API with .net Authorize header

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10 Mar 2015


How to use OData query syntax with Web API

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05 Jan 2015


An introduction to the concepts of REST and how to build REST APIs using net web api

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